Monochurch exists to tell people about the hope we have in Jesus and teach people to become more like Jesus .



In Matthew 28, Jesus gives us the Great Commission, and he tells us to go. So at Monochurch, that’s what we’re going to do—we’re going to go to the ends of the earth. In the early church, Paul used the invention of the Roman Roads to spread the gospel—then in the reformation, they used the invention of the printing press—we’re going to use the internet to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. We will create content for those who have yet to meet Jesus, sharing the hope of Jesus through stories. 


After Jesus tells us to go in the Great Commission, he tells us to make disciples. At Monochurch, we will do this on the ground through house churches—growing relationships within our communities, and training leaders who train leaders who train leaders, down through the generations. We currently see this happening in India, where they’re experiencing droves of people coming to faith simply because a faithful local leader shared the gospel, and opened their door. We want to do a similar thing at Monochurch, creating an open door to the gospel for every lost person in America. 

So at Monochurch, we will GO TOGETHER, holding tight the high priestly prayer in John 17:21, that we may be one. 

WHERE: Your City Soon

We are currently gathering in five cities: Seattle WA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, and Savannah GA.

If you’d like to attend one of our house-churches or start one in your city, contact us here.


We will spend each dollar you give directly on evangelism and discipleship. With every dollar given, we’re able to reach 25 people with the gospel. In our experience, for every $200 we invest in evangelism and discipleship, one person will join the church. 

Thank you for your generosity. Every donation allows us to GO TOGETHER.

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